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Twitter’s  login page is directly accessible from the homepage-just look at the upper right hand corner of the screen and there is a drop down where you can click to sign in to Twitter. Twitter has been notorious for login problems and other issues, symbolized by the photo of the Twitter “fail whale” which the service puts up on their homepage when the site goes down. For a service used by millions of people worldwide, Twitter login performance has one of the worse track records compared to other mass-market web services.


Twitter is  micro-blogging service based in San Francisco, CA. The company also has offices in San Antonio, Austin, Boston, and Salt Lake City. The company lets you send micro-blogs called tweets to your user base. Twitter is different from Facebook because it is not one-to-one meaning that you don’t have to become friends with users-you simply follow who you like to after you login to the Twitter service. Twitters founders are Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone, a group of innovators who sold a blogging company called Blogger to Google and then set out to build a micro-blogging service based on communicating in large groups. Twitter has received a ton of notoriety for its use in international protests and revolutions. Many popular politicians and celebrities also login to Twitter to stay in touch with their fans or constituents.


Twitter doesn’t really have direct competitors besides existing social networking and email services like Facebook or Gmail. Twitter has one big competitor in the enterprise space called Yammer, which lets employees communicate within a corporate network much in the same way that users communicate.

Common Issues

The biggest issue with Twitter is uptime. Since its launch in 2007 Twitter users have always had trouble logging in to the service. The site goes down a lot and Twitter consistently gets a ton of media attention for their login going down. Let us know if you have any questions on Twitter in the discussion below!

21 Responses to Twitter Login

  1. gave comment how many times do you what one

  2. Keep saying i have account but i don’t

  3. In hope able to to get on this site

  4. dhyhnfhj

  5. Abraham Cayetano


  6. twitter is getting weak

  7. what the fuck

  8. Brittany,
    I know just how you feel. Every time I think I’ve figured a site out the next time I go to it somethings changed.

  9. And also why did they change twitter I loved the old twitter better

  10. Yes twitter has been getting on my nerves I can not login when I say it gives me other stuff about twitter that I don’t even care about when I just want to login in. Now why is twitter the only website I have trouble loging into

  11. I dot remember setting up a twitter account but I have one and I do not have a password to log in

    • Well everybody has a password becuz if u don’t then people will get into ur account another way its the only reason y we have a password when u set up an account they make u get a password other wise they will not let you have an account for twitter you must have made one and forgot all about ur password…..

    • Or maybe u think u have an account but u didn’t or something like that =P

  12. test

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