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Orkut login issues usually come from issues related to when Orkut was a standalone service and not integrated into the Google login. Many Orkut logins are based on other email accounts like Yahoo logins. If you’re unable to log in to Orkut your best bet is to proceed with the “Can’t access your account” flow and retrieve your Orkut login and password.

Se você está tendo problemas para fazer login no Orkut, tente este URL: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=orkut


Orkut launched in 2004 after Google failed to acquire Friendster, the first social networking site on the internet. Google commissioned Orkut Buyukkokten, a Turkish engineer, to build what is now known as Orkut. Originally Orkut had a large user base in the US, but through viral growth, Orkut exploded in Brazil and is now the largest user base of Orkut. Today Orkut has a ton of users in both Brazil and also India. Some controversies involving Orkut have been the presence of fake profiles on Orkut, spam flooding in the service, and some negative groups mobilizing to do damage to the Orkut community.


Orkut’s main competitor is now Facebook, which is the largest social networking site in the entire world. Despite a strong presence in Brazil, Orkut is now threatened by the rise of Facebook in that country. Orkut logins today are outnumbered by Facebook users by a hefty margin.

Common Issues

The most common issue related to Orkut is login problems related to Orkut users not having a valid email address or password combination. Orkut was created before the master Google login, so there can sometimes be issues related to Orkut considering the migration to the Google service.


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