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If you’re having login issues with any of the sites listed in our help forum, please see the individual articles to the left. Otherwise, for all other login help issues, please join the discussion below!

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  3. its been like this since like what last night-.- i need help i needa logg on like asap it keeps telling me that you guys have a problem to fix but i dont see ya guys fixin it!-.- i need to talk to myy mommy you know!!!>:(


  5. seven days continue not login my account.error /invalid user name/blank page/f5mob………. so please solve my problem.contact [email protected]

  6. Cannot believe …I try to login…and I get this darn Arabic language
    with pics no English.

  7. I hate Facebook!!!! I just spent 30 minutes changing my email address, etc. and nothing registered. Would somebody tell me how me to change my email address on an existing facebook account. So many times before I changed carriers sometimes you’d let me in, sometimes not! OMG you are so frusting!

  8. Sandra Reynlolds Kopp

    I have 2 sites For over 30 days I have tried to log into the Reynolds one but it only will give me Sandra Kopp NOT Sandra Reynolds Why?

  9. Husband and I share PC. Differnt email addresses and different passwords, however when I go to Facebook it always takes me to my husband’s account. Cannot get to MY Facebook.

  10. Eva silvera-sheftel

    I share a computer with my husband Steve sheftel. When I log in , post or anything, his account/facebook homepage come in but not mine. Please help me.

  11. fuzile mo'molemo latha

    Y? Jst tell me y a u blockng ma acc *bored*

  12. Farmville will not let me accept my gifts. Can you help?

  13. I want to join the y tube family

  14. Farmville is not letting me onto the other site I had. I chanaged the password to match and for months I have been using it and now I can not get on to farmville, How do I erase my name from one facebook and use another? I want to get onto the game that I have been playing for months.

  15. ya’ll block my account all the time,WHY? ya’ll had me OFF for A WEEK then let me in for only three days,I want to know WHY?

  16. I can not login farmville.

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