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Gmail LogoGetting to the Gmail login page is generally very straightforward. You can get to the Gmail login page by typing “” directly into your browser or entering the long form Gmail login URL shown here:

Logging into Gmail required your user name and password only. Generally speaking, your Gmail username is always [email protected] and your password is a string of secret characters. If you’ve forgotten your password, simply press “Can’t access your account?” which will lead you to a forgotten password flow, requiring you to first type your Gmail username. The next page in the Gmail password recovery flow will be a captcha where you need to transcribe some garbled text. This garbled text is a security feature designed to keep bots out. From there logging into Gmail should be very easy-you’ll get to a page which will have a password reset link sent to your alternate email and voila! You can now log into Gmail. Gmail currently is offering enterprise email archiving geared toward both the SMB and large-scale enterprise space. With 99.9% uptime, 25GB of storage, 24/7 support, and enterprise chat, Gmail is a strong competitor to many companies including Zimbra, Proofpoint, Gammadyne, and even Responsys, a large scale email deployment provider. Many companies are also increasingly using Gmail for their email marketing campaigns, making Gmail a competitor to Constant Contact and iContact, two of the biggest email marketing providers in the US. Email marketing has been a large market across the communications space, helping many SMBs and enterprise marketers send messages efficiently to their customer base.


Gmail is Google’s free ad-supported and web-based email client. Gmail supports secure mail, POP3, and IMAP. Gmail is an anchor tenant in the Google Apps suite, meaning that it is a critical application that is used very frequently by millions of users. Gmail is well known for its spam filtering technologies which virtually eliminate all spam for Gmail users. The likelihood of a false positive still exists, but in spam detection Gmail is second to none.


Major competitors to Gmail are Hotmail, Live, AOL, Microsoft Outlook, and even Facebook with their new messaging product.

Common Issues

The most commonly reported issue with Gmail is the page load speed of the service. A lot of customers report that it can take minutes to login to Gmail and that the progress bar continually shows activitiy.

22 Responses to Gmail Login

  1. As soon as I open my Windows Explorer. This massage pop up :
    “ENTER NETWORK PASSWORK”. I can’t remember my password?
    Please help!
    Thank you.

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  3. i forget my pasword please found pasword

  4. I need to reset my password, to update my Facebook

  5. need t find m profile . PLEASE HELP ,i can’t find it….

  6. what is up?Nowadays your website has totally ceased from faster logging in.pleas sort out.

  7. I can’t login.It says that my acount is disabled?

  8. I like Gmail.

  9. sir my password was not working as proper

  10. i want joint now orkut member

  11. i dont know my password. when i try to have new password sent to email the whole prosses starts oner i have tried 20 times in a row!!!!!1 please help

  12. Sugreev kumar meena s/. Siyaram meena vill&post khohlya tehsil uniyara dist tonk (raj)

  13. My son got on my phone, @ I had my pass word saved @ I forgotten what it is so I need help!

  14. Susan Heller-Somerville

    I cannot seem to be able to log onto my page. I already have a profile, but FB is treating me like I have no photo or page. What to do?

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