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TurboTax LogoTurboTax login issues can come up mostly during the peak parts of tax season. Those peaks for loggin into TurboTax are the end of January, when employers are required to send W2 forms and around April 15, the deadline for federal tax filing. There are two primary ways to log into TurboTax, outlined below.

  • The TurboTax login screen canbe found by directly accessing¬†https://turbotax.intuit.com/my-account.jsp, which is the TurboTax my account page. This is the main account screen for TurboTax and will let you login very easily.
  • You can also log in to TurboTax by going directly to¬†http://turbotax.intuit.com/ which is the TurboTax homepage. The TurboTax login button can be found in the right-hand rail of the website and reads “Sign In” with a lock icon, denoting the security of the page

In 2007, TurboTax had a huge outage during peak tax season. The issue stemmed from a huge number of users logging into TurboTax site all at once for late tax filing.

3 thoughts on “TurboTax Login

  1. Mark J Scallan

    Very frustrating - trying to make the 4/15 deadline , get my taxes done , & can’t log in - HELP !!!


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