Rediffmail Login LoginRediffmail login problems can be common because of the internationalization of Rediff, a news and entertainment site based out of Mumbai, India. Rediffmail login issues come up usually because of mismatch between the user name and password for existing Rediffmail users. One issues to watch for is that issues a pop-up on, so if you’re looking to reset your password you need to make sure your browser is configured to accept pop-ups from

Background is an Indian web portal that covers news, Hindi movies, photos, and a ton of other services. also hosts Rediffmail which is a logged in web-service. The company offers Rediff Bol, which is an instant messaging service geared toward the Indian market as well as Rediff SongBuzz.


Rediffmail competes with large web companies like Yahoo, Google, and even Microsoft which offer email services. Lately, Rediff has been competing more with Facebook, because of its strong messaging service.

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  1. Kanikumar

    You bull shit,,, people…
    not worrying about customer’s problem.
    i have purchased 2 nos of watches, which is totally different, which shows in your gallery showcase.
    i sent a mail about it but no response yet.
    what the nail, you are plugging… stupids…
    if you are not responsible for that, then you run this web site… go to clean the public toilet…


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