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Credit card login pages are generally always secure or have standard “https” prefixes before the URL. Before you log into check your credit card statement online, make sure the credit card login page has the “https” before the URL. This means that communication between your computer and the servers is secure or transferred via a secret code that others won’t be able to detect. Credit card login pages are nearly all secure becaues of the huge need for security for users who may be

Secure Login Page for Credit Card Accounts

credit card login

Notice the “s” that comes after the “http” part of the URL. This is the right thing to check for to make sure you’re on a secure connection. If you don’t see an “s” the credit card login page you’re on the login is not secure and you should look for the secure credit card login page that the issuer provides. Most major banks, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, and Chase will all have secure pages, so if you’re not on a secure login page, look for it!


Secure connections are almost exclusively used for the payments industry with the goal of preventing fraud online. Basically a secure page should only be used when the content your’re submitting or consuming is confidential or sensitive in any way.

Credit Card Login Screens

Below is the Bank of America login page which you can access directly at Note that the “Bank of America Corporation” name is highlighted in bright green with the lock icon. This icon is an indicator that the page you’re on is indeed a secure page (HTTPS) and is encripted. Always check that any page you enter private credit card credentials on is secure like the Bank of America login page below.

Another great example of a secure credit card login page is is the Chase Online credit card login page. You’ll see that the page is a secure login because of two key reasons. 1) The login page is HTTPS 2) You’ll see that the green lock icon appears, indicating that the credit card login page is secure and you are able to proceed to your account safely.


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