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CityVille login issues, like issues with FarmVille are common and usually stem from you either forgetting your Facebook login, not finding CityVille in the Facebook navigation, or the app becoming uninstalled. To log in to CityVille simply go to the lefthand navigation are in Facebook and click on CityVille to sign on.


CityVille is the top social game in the world. Over 88 million people log in to CityVille every month to build their city, power their business, or interact with their friends! CityVille was launched in the fall of 2010 and quickly became the most popular Facebook game and social game in the world. CityVille is unique because Zynga, the maker of FarmVille rolled out user acquisition channels for the game very quickly and did the international expansion simultaneously.


CityVille competes with other Zynga titles and other social games that you’ll find on Facebook or Bebo. One notable competitor to CityVille is SimCity, a series of games published by Electronic Arts for the PC.

Common Issues

Most CityVille issues are related simply to the slow load times on CityVille logins. The slow load times can crash your browser or your computer, so make sure you aren’t running and really memory intensive programs on your machine when you login to CityVille. The graphics in CityVille make it very processor intensive.


10 Responses to CityVille Login

  1. facebook is not loading

  2. eu gosto tamto do city ville e sempre quis te

  3. Totally frustrated, cannot login into CV, only for a little while yesterday and taking a lot of my time waiting
    ,getting tired of all this. Can you do something about????????????????????????????????

  4. Have been having issues with Cityville slow log in for weeks. But now I cant play it as Facebook have temporarily suspended my account due to site issues.????? message says try again later. Its now been 4 days. Total frustration!! Wld be nice if facebook wld mention how long this site overhaul is likely to take.

  5. Fazer amizades e me divertir

  6. cannot login into CityVille..I like to play cityVille at work but facebook is blok on dit work saver…is thiere no ander way that i cun play cityville


  7. cannot login into CityVille

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