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Need Help Logging In?

Help me log in! We hear this way too often so our editors have put together a list of some of the most commonly used websites and how to resolve key login issues when you’re trying to sign in. See below for the list of sites that most commonly pop up on our radar as being tough to sign on to. Login woes begone!

Let us know if you’re able to get your issue fixed-please sign up for our email list if you’re interested in sharing more information or helping others resolve their issues! Uptime Commitment

It’s annoying when companies profess to have great uptime and can’t deliver on it! A ton of web services have regular outages and don’t give a dime back to their customers-that’s something we’re working to change with our mass email to web company CEOs.

One company that has a great track record of uptime is, which has it’s login available nearly 24-7. Salesforce puts their money where their mouth is too and shows the status of every server they own and whether it has issues or not. At, Salesforce is 100% transparent with their data, allowing customers to see where there may be issues with their service. Performance issues, service disruptions, or status not available? You’ve got it all available at Salesforce, which is willing to share all their information. We’d like to see companies like Comcast and Netflix offer a similar kind of transparency so we can see what we’re getting into be fore we have login issues for services we’re paying for.

Login-Help.comWelcome to, a forum and support community for users who are having issues logging in to their web services. Demand 100% uptime-everyone deserves to login! If you’re a paying customer of a web service like Netflix or Amazon, you should demand that you get 100% uptime! After all, you’re paying for a service, so if you’re not getting value from it, why should be paying? There are a ton of competitive services out there, so let your voice be heard!

Leave us some comments and let us know how we can help web users band together to fight down time and be able to log in to the services we pay for!